Lord, I know I ask a lot, but help your child pleaseee

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Lord, I know I ask a lot, but help your child pleaseee

Post  africandiva on Tue Jul 19, 2011 7:53 pm

I feel like I ask sooo much from God and that whenever I sin/ forget to put him first....I betray him. Now I need His Guidance and favour soooo much and I feel relunctant to ask. This week someone said to me, that a child who has a positive relationship with their father will not hesitate to ask for anything from their father and also that father will never hesitate to give that child anything. It made me look at my relationship with God, my Father.

Lord I come to You today, asking for your help for me to have mercy in the eyes of my examinators as I am asking to get into my 1st choice of University. Yu are my Father and Friend who as one door closes in front of me, opens several doors to replace that one door. I ask for Your favour and before all my wishes ask for the Grace to remember You will always be there 4 me and the Strength to never doubt you. Amen

Lord anyone in my position, whether they are feeling relunctant to ask, or they need ypur help regarding their university placement or whatever, may Yu meet their every need. Amen.

Thank Yu Lord


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