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Prayer for Lips Empty Prayer for Lips

Post  Mzmini22 on Sun Sep 11, 2011 1:06 am

Hey you all,

Now I know when some of you guys saw this topic it instantly stood out to you and that many of you guys may have clicked on the absurdity of even having prayer for this area. Please give me the time by reading this entire post. Now for several years I have been battling with severely dry and chapped lips. When I first told my lips were dry I wrote it off as merely being a symptom of the extreme winter we were having in Florida, lol (don't judge). Fast forward into my senior year of college and things have gone severely down from here. To the point where I have even gone to the dermatologist to try and see what could be done. You see, besides extremely dry lips my lips are large (a blessing from God) and I have an extremely pink bottom lip. What does this have to do with anything you ask? Well, because of the size they are relatively easy to identify and because of the color they look extremely off with my dark chocolate complexion. In order to combat the dryness, I have tried all sorts of tricks from chapstick to plain ol' vaseline. I've even tried the natural route like olive oil and/or honey. Whenever I think my lips are fines I get people simply staring at them and/or licking them whenever they see me. It would be ok if it was just one person when it is literally everyone then it gets to the point where you feel conscious. It even got me to wondering is it really them being chapped or simply the discoloration of them.

I know you guys are wondering ok, so you lips are chapped, what makes you think you need a prayer for them? Well the fact that I am taking this long to write this request should give you an indication of how I feel about it. It has really gotten to a point where it has affected my self-esteem. How it relates to me as a Christian is me constantly questioning/getting angry with Him for not "helping" me with this situation. I recently got over feeling this way but I do still want to work on this issue of mine. I refuse to let some doctor tell me it can't be alleviated because she doesn't know that I have someone greater on my side. And that is why I need the help of you guys. For support to know that when I am out in this world it is not just petitioning the Lord. It would really mean a lot for me to get some help in this situation and I want to give it all to Him. I pray that all of you guys have a wonderful night and even if you don't pray, thanks for at least reading this.


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