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Post  SeekingMoreofJesus on Wed Jul 13, 2011 8:15 pm

Hello Saints:

there has been a very devastating move of satan in my husbands family. Lots of adultery which led to incest (his mom is now married to his cousins dad after an affair that was exposed).....even tho his mom and cousins dad have no blood relation its still incest to me because they were both married (her to my father in law and the uncle was married to my father in laws SISTER) so now we are all cousins/sisters because of their LUST.....they are very active in a church building that APPROVES their sin based union and its so hard to sit and watch them think that they are okay and heaven bound

we have a family member who is homosexual but undercover. we recently found a phone that he was using and lost. in that phone was numerous homosexual graphic pictures, text messages and emails. He is now trying to secretly live with a man who he claims is just a friend.....but we all know they have a sexual past. He is also in the church and pretending to be saved. its really sad and the incest coupled with this gay family member is causing so much confusion in our family. We show love and still let them know its not acceptable according to Gods holy Word, they continue to do it anyway. (and they do this in the Church discouraging the loss souls that come in because they eventually learn what is going on and they leave because its RIDICULOUS)

Please pray against this homosexual spirit and the lust that has over taken my mother in law and her ex brother in law (who she called her husband now) Im so tired of ppl asking how are we cousins/brothers and sisters. Its so embarrassing and confusing Our children are confused on what to call ppl (uncle or cousin)...its just NOT of God! (there is also masonic activity on both sides of the family(grand parents) and one sid of my family

thank you saints this family needs ALL they prayer possible. Im believing God is currently fixing this but it was on my heart to ask for prayer of saints. I also believe that since my husband grandpa on his dads side was a Bishop who preached the word and lived his life against this world and satan, this attack was brewed up against his linage and now that he is dead and gone so many mock and laugh at what became of his children thru his daughter in law (hubbys mom) and his son in law (hubbys uncle in law) "marriage"....

pray for me and my husband that we dont let this situation plant seeds of bitterness or hate in our hearts. Its so hard to face this. family gatherings are so AWKWARD....its such a heavy shame on this family.... especially since they are in church in positions like everything is okay....religious ppl have validated them. The uncle is sick and close to death but he wont let that union go. one time he passed out on the pulpit and had to be rushed to the hospital. He may have bone marrow cancer and colon cancer....Just pray that they both come out of that situation and not die in their sins. pray for healing of this family thank you


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URGENT FAMILY PRAYER REQUEST Empty urgent family in need of prayer

Post  toki74 on Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:46 am

Dear Lord,

We thank you for our life. We thank you for the blood you poured out for our salvation, your grace and mercy is abound. Lord you know of the world we live in, so fraught with gray areas that the world everyday seems cloudy. Lord I thank you for this woman, through your holy spirit is moved and is feeling unsettled concerning the whole matter.

I pray that LOVE, GRACE and FORGIVENESS overflows in her family's heart. Lord, we are the salt of the earth, we are a small flame that shines in darkness. Lord I pray that this immediate family, sits, stands, and walks in your love and Word. We as children of God cannot change people's perspective through our words Lord, but through our inner selves which shine outwards, Lord I pray that this immediate family continue to shine so that family surrounding members can in time seek change and forgiveness.

Lord I pray for their church. Lord only you can lead them on what is good in that situation but I pray that they, by strong faith, silently wait for You. Be bold in their actions for You, and to be tempered and forgive the wrong that is being conducted through their family, church and lives.

Lord I lift them up in prayer to You, we rest in Your promises.

In Jesus's name I pray, Amen

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