Prayer for my friend who is engaged

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Prayer for my friend who is engaged Empty Prayer for my friend who is engaged

Post  renee on Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:50 am

I just talked to my friend who is engaged and her fiance' is not a believer. His mother is actually apart of another religion and sadly it seems as if my friend is being deceived. After she told me that He wasn't a believer and she even visited the place where is mother spirit felt grieved. I know God has a call on her life and I know that there is a real enemy (Satan) who does not want her living in abundance nor does he want her to have eternal life. I am seeking God about how to approach her because I want to make sure I share the truth in love. I know Scripture says do not be unequally yoked and it seems that she has taken compromising to another level. Never should we compromise our faith in God. Please agree with me that she will seek the truth, God's Word and hear what He is telling her. That God's will be done in her life, Salvation to her fiance', and his family, and that God opens her eyes to see what is going on around her. Thank you!!

Your sis in Christ!


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Prayer for my friend who is engaged Empty Praying for a friend who is married

Post  Twix on Mon Jul 11, 2011 1:54 pm

I will definitely be praying for your friend. I have a friend who entered into a marriage with a man she was unequally yoked to. At first they would go to church together but then when they switched churches he claimed the services were too early for him, etc. It really bothers me because they have a child and I know that she doesn't want her children growing up confused when it comes to going to church and serving God. I know the seed has already been planted in her husband's heart when it comes to living a life for God, it just needs to be nourished again. I know what it's like to be concerned about a friend's spiritual well-being and it can get tough when it seems like they are compromising their love for God for love of man, but I believe with prayer God can turn the situation around. Again I will pray for your friend and for God to give you the right things to say to her in regards to her engagement and her fiance. Please pray for my friend and her family as well, it has been heavy on my heart to discuss this with her for a while and I want to get through to her without her getting defensive or think I'm attacking her marriage because that is not my intention, I'm just looking to encourage her to stand strong on her faith and pray for her husband's salvation as well.


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