Desperately Need prayer for school and finances

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Desperately Need prayer for school and finances Empty Desperately Need prayer for school and finances

Post on Sun Dec 04, 2011 2:02 am

I am a student struggling in college. I recently lost my job and I have not been doing well academically this semester. Though I have spent lots of time studying and retaining information, my performance on the test does not reflect what i actually know. I am getting very nervous. I have finals next week and have to do very well on all of them in order to pass my classes. I am also retaking a class for the 3rd time this semester and if I do not pass i will have to change my major though I am in my fourth year of school. I have been fasting and trying to study but I am so distracted and I desperately want to give up but I know God is teaching me not to be a quitter. Its so hard teaching someone information, then seeing them do better on exams than you. i truly do not know what to do. I have an exam this monday and thursday and I have two papers due. I ask that you all keep me in prayer. Every little bit counts and your prayers alone mean so much to me. I know Gods career plan for me. he has revealed it to me and given me opportunities and favor in the filed but I am so afraid that my academics will be the downfall of me. I just ask desperately that you pray for me. Even a little God bless her is enough for me. I just need all the prayers and encouragement I can get. I feel like I have fought this battle every semester since I have been at school. My grades were actually better when I was away from Christ which makes me feel very discouraged.


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