Pray for my sister and my aunt Becky.

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Pray for my sister and my aunt Becky. Empty Pray for my sister and my aunt Becky.

Post  bridget06 on Tue Nov 29, 2011 4:01 am

Her name is Theresa but she goes by Cissy.

She was supposed to have a 2nd ankle surgery today and if they proceeded with it she would have died.. she'd been having a leg cramp(so she thought) for 3 days now and couldn't wait to get the cast off to rub it out and her mom Barb turns to her and asks what are you doing? so I she tells her about the cramps.. her mom then said you better tell the doc or I will.. so then the doc sent her over for a doppler and he said she has blood clots in her leg..with surgery when your under anistechia (sp) the breathe for you effecting the blood flow which causes the clot to break loose and cause an embulizism then you I am very thankful her mom was there cause she would of chalked it up to a leg cramp. Now she has to give herself shots for 5 days, go on blood thinners and go in every 2 days for blood test. Please say lots of prayers that she dosn't throw a clot before they get her blood thinned out..Her surgery is rescheduled for 12/14.

My aunt's name is Becky. She previously lost one of her daughters, then a month later lost her husband. she then was diagnosed with Breast cancer and beat it. Recently my grandfather, her dad passed away and she then found out she has severe lung cancer and has an expiration date of less than 6 months. we got a bit of good news that her white bloodcount is up now and the kimo is making her tumors shrink but we pray that she will make it. please pray for her and our family in this difficult time. Thank you.


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