I don't know what else to do, besides the power of prayer. :( please read all.

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I don't know what else to do, besides the power of prayer. :( please read all.  Empty I don't know what else to do, besides the power of prayer. :( please read all.

Post  bridget06 on Tue Nov 29, 2011 3:43 am

My name is Bridget and I ask that you please pray for me and my boyfriend Scott. Pray that we can work things out and he can find it in his heart to come back to me and we can talk. please I don't know what else to do but to turn to our heavenly father and ask him to bring scott, the love of my life, back to me. Everything has been great up untill recently. pray that he finds it in his heart to talk to me and not listen to what other people say and that we can work things out.

All my life I have been mis-treated by many people in my path. Friends, family, boyfriends.... not all but some. Many horrible things have happend to me but I have never stopped loving with all that I can. I've been searching for "mr. right" and I found him. I finally let all my gaurd down and gave my whole heart to him. Everything seemed so perfect. He'd always made me feel so good inside and out. beautiful in every way. We were so strong. All my friends and family could see that I was finally happy! It was written all over my face with a smile. Everyone said we were so good together and he was so good with me and they were so happy for me! some of my friends were even a little envious that I was so happy (but in a good way) I was ON TOP OF THE WORLD! Very Happy scott made me feel amazing and I did everything I could do to reciprocate that feeling and make him feel amazing too. He told me I was his world, his best friend, his everything and he couldnt imagine life without me. he even said that last tuesday.. even yesterday. We talked about kids and marriage and he said he was ready to give me his babies when I asked him to. I stated I wanted to be married first.. but no rush either, I wanted to spend more quality time with him before we started a family. Scott would always do things to make me feel special, like buy me chocolates or when i'd get home he'd be mowing the lawn for me, or plowing my drive way. (and happy to do so) He always made sure I ate. and He seemed to know me better than I knew myself. We'd go dancing, but we liked to dance in the kitchen most. We could talk for hours and never seemed to get tired of each other. one of our first fights he was willing to lose his job over me. He said he couldnt go back to work unless he knew we were okay. He ended up flying in just to see me the next day. I knew right then how much he meant to me and how much he loved me. you know that saying, "When you know, you know" about someone being "the one" well i know scott is THE ONE for me. Sad so does everyone else.

well last monday we got in a fight and he apologized for it saying there was no excuse for how he acted and seemed so upset with himself. Last Tuesday he said he'd be crazy if he didnt marry me and he loved me so much and how perfect I am. He always said stuff like this... then the next two days were great. and even thanksgivving. he said it was his best thanksgivving he'd ever had because he was spending it with the most perfect woman. we Watched a movie and cuddled then we danced in the kitchen and out of no where he gets angry and i cant figure out why. He'd been drinking (quite a bit.) and so then he wants to leave but i wont let him. i take his truck keys and he got angry.. he called me many names that were untrue. he slept on the couch untill morning when he took off to his appartment. he broke up with me. I was DEVASTATED i felt like my whole world fell apart. so friday i wait to talk to him untill he talks to me first. he said he'd be out of town till sunday then he'd get his stuff from my house. right then i asked if we could please talk and we owe it to eachother.

I showed up at his house and we talked. I told him I didnt understand any of this and brought up the fact that I've been very good to him. I also brought up all the nice things he'd been saying to me all along. He agreed I was very good to him. and he still looked at me lovingly. He never stated why he got angry in the first place, but he said it wasnt right that i kept him there and took his house keys. I brought up why I did it and that it was in his best interest and maybe i should have went about it different. But then after that things were good, we were mending and I thought for the better. he decided not to move in with me and i was hurt about that, thinking he blamed me or resented me for our fight. He stated he didnt and we would be okay. he even got teary eyed last night when i sincerely talked to him. Everything was fine this morning. even up until 1:30 pm we were being lovey dovey to each other. and then at 2:30 he breaks up with me and says he never wants to see me again over TEXT message. says not to call him or show up at his house. and i'm just devastated. he said it was because there was this nasty rumor about our fight that is supposedly going around town and it got back to his boss. this was an HOUR later. now he wont talk to me. i tried saying it was just a rumor and i never said those things about us... but he wont listen. I don't know what else to do but to turn to god. I did it once and god brought him back to me on friday. i'm just hoping that God will bring him back to me now. I love him more than anthing and i feel so lost/empty inside. also hurt and confused!

please pray for me and scott. please. that he can find it in his heart to overlook that rumor and talk to me, the woman he loves and says is so perfect. the woman he said he should marry. please... Thank you very much


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