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Pray for my family Empty Pray for my family

Post  rohvin on Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:18 pm

Right now as a family we are going through a hard time, emotionally n financially. we had to split as a family, my kids n myself had to leave our husband n resettle in india to look after his mom. Thought this is what God wanted us to do....but our scarifice is not appreciated moreover i m criticised for everything i do. There r fights in the house with inlaws n i m fasely accused to such extend that i feel maybe i have done wrong...we r also facing financial pronlems... we have never cheated anyone in our life of a single coin but we have been cheated on laks of rupees...evrything is happening wrong..i ask Gods forgiveness for anything wrong i have done knowingly or unknowingly......please pray for peace in our life n in our family n let the truth prevail......Pray to God almighty that i n my kids be with my husband very soon..............


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