Prayer for a second chance in school

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Prayer for a second chance in school Empty Prayer for a second chance in school

Post  sbeauty23 on Tue Sep 27, 2011 4:47 pm

I recently slacked off in nursing school; however realized what I was doing wrong and quickly got my self back
on track. I passed my final which is worth 29% of my grade with a 93, and I need to average an 80 to pass and I
ended up being short 2 points and my dean of nursing said she would think about a way to help me, and would give me a call
after 3pm yesterday which she did not do. I called her when I did not get a call, and she said she was still thinking about it.
A day has now passed and I have not heard from her, I called her and I was told she is in a meeting and she would call me.
I have not received a call yet.

So my brothers and sisters I am asking for your prayer that when the dean of nursing does call me she will say that I can stay
in the nursing program and has a way to help me.


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