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Mark 4:1-20

Post  angisok on Mon Jul 25, 2011 4:33 pm

Hey people,
Proverbs 23:7 says “out of abundance of the heart are the issues of life.” Your heart and your hair are very similar in terms of their daily needs for a regimen. So I would like to share with y’all a simple regimen on how to care for your heart. The word says we have ‘the mind of Christ” (1 Corinthians 2:16). So how come sometimes it feels like our heart condition does not line up with what the word of God says about us? Simple, we haven’t been controlling for frizz, dryness and all the other unhealthy things we avoid for our hair (Please read Mark 4:1-20). So here goes a regimen the Holy Spirit gave me today during a prayer session which I thought to share with you guys. Enjoy!
1) Sunlight and moisture (your water-based moisturizer) is needed for the seed of God’s word in your heart to grow. Sunlight, in this case, is joy which is a fruit of the spirit after you get born-again (it’s a free gift deposited into our heart by the Holy Ghost which we need not struggle for). Please read Galatians 5:22 - that is the natural start of our spirit when properly cared for. When we’re constantly filled with joy no matter the situation around us, walking by faith not by sight, God’s word in our heart will naturally bear the fruit in our lives.
2) Sow that seed and style up/beautify your life by declaring God’s word on a constant basis upon your life (people! if your hair is very beautiful and your life dull, what’s the point?). At this stage you might want to consider “split ends” that grow out of your heart by trimming those unwanted, unhealthy (wilderness) mindsets and thoughts that hold you back in life. Get into the scriptures regularly to see the truth in the mirror of who God says you are. The trimming process of your heart is so important for spiritual growth and is achieved by regular meditation and renewing your mind with God’s word to avoid those split ends from choking the growth process (Mark 4:19).
3) Last but not the least, “seal in the moisture” of the seeds of God’s word you have sown in your heart by doing God’s word and obeying His voice. Doing His word could mean “being anxious for nothing” or praying without ceasing” or “being thankful in all situations” or “forgetting things behind” or “setting your affections above where Christ is” or “rejoicing always.” Again, check the scriptures to get the specific instructions on doing God’s word. Obeying His voice requires us to be still and listen to our spirit; He can speak anytime but we must obey in order to be on the same page with Him for his perfect plan for our lives.
People! If you do this every day, they make you fruitful and productive in all things, which include hair growth, career growth, happiness, prosperity etc. So try it out let me know how it worked for you! God bless you!


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