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Giving me more Understanding... Empty Giving me more Understanding...

Post  latangela on Mon Jul 25, 2011 1:41 am

I have a college friend, he's a guy..I was talking about God and how amazing he was to him..When i look on his face he was so excited to hear me talk about it.He told me that he never listen to gospel music, so i advise him to listen to some gospel songs ..He ask me a question about heaven or hell cause he really dont know..His question was...Will Lil Wayne go to hell because of what he doing for his career as in rapping...The first i told him that you cant judge ppl..God will do that but if he's not born again,confess with his mouth,filled with the holy spirit,and not walking with God Yes..Then he ask me well will a person that is nice and give, will they go to hell to...I told him they same thing i told him about Lil wayne..He sounded confuse a little so i broke it down to him the way i know how and finally he understood..

Pray that God will give me a word when young ppl come up to me...I'm young myself but i know that God can use me. I know i have to read my bible more and pray more..Young ppl dying dese days more than the old..God is tired and i know that he is very angry..I just wanna please God..I want him to keep my mind and change it daily..I also notice through my singing i give a word..I never realize it til young and old ppl start coming up to me and tell me that the load they had before lefted..I just thank God for everything...Keep me in your prayers

God Bless

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